Moon days are special importance to all the ancient cultures including in India. People fast and remember their ancestors and pray for their soul’s liberation etc. The cosmic energies and the gravity bonding of the earth and the moon in relation to the sun affects our body and energies in upward or downward. This time is well-used introspection and unrelating self from the ego. Many western Ashtangi only relates it to Sri K Pattabhi Jois book – Yoga Mala. Even Hatha Yoga Pradeepika explains this beautiful mystery in depths.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is physically demanding, therefore, every full moon and new moon is a day off. However, it depends if you are practising a few asana, pranayama, Chanting and Meditation then Full Moon is a day to bring up the energies.

Full Moon Days of 2018

You can also find the Moon Days based on your location here. The list below represents the Moon Days in Heidelberg, Germany for current and upcoming months:

02 January (Tuesday) Paush Purnima
31 January (Wednesday) Magha Purnima
01 March (Thursday) Phalguna Purnima
31 March (Saturday) Chaitra Purnima
30 April (Monday) Vaishakha Purnima
29 May (Tuesday) Jyeshtha Purnima
28 June (Thursday) Jyeshtha Purnima
27 July (Friday) Ashadha Purnima
26 August (Sunday) Shravana Purnima
25 September (Tuesday) Bhadrapada Purnima
24 October (Wednesday) Ashwin Purnima
23 November (Friday) Kartik Purnima
22 December (Saturday) Margashirsha Purnima