Experience the traditional Yoga in an authentic setting in Heidelberg. Our Personal Yoga, Group Yoga Classes, Workshops and Wellness programs help pupils of all age to improve and re-gain their health, feel better and enjoy a true Yoga practice that suits them best. We are expert in Personal Yoga and teaching yoga to an absolutely beginner of any age. We also offer a varieties of exclusive group and public Yoga Classes, Monthly Workshops on Yoga and Wellness through diet and more. Apart from Yoga, we offer personal coaching and consultation for leaders, entrepreneurs and to-be mothers and parents for a better life and success in their chosen path.

Our goal is to help you gaining a better health and brings the highest feeling of well-being through Yoga, and its components. Our approach to Yoga is traditional yet align with toady’s scientific methods and fits well in your busy lifestyle.

About the teacher: Manoj is the only Indian Yoga teacher in Heidelberg. He has a deep knowledge of different Yoga traditions, Ayurveda (food/ diet) and Restorative Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga (prenatal and postnatal), and Yoga Therapy for better mental, physical health and overall wellbeing for pupils, couples, companies and professionals of all age.


The Yoga Shala Heidelberg is in the heart of peaceful and old city of Handschusheim, Heidelberg near the Tiefburg castle.